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Posted 10/07/2020




Ballots for CWA 9413 election of officers will be mailed soon. If you have not received your ballot by Monday, October 19th, 2020, please call the Elections Chair, Judi Jensen, at 775 530 1785 for a duplicate.


Duplicates cannot be obtained from Stewards or the Hall. Please call the Elections Chair.



Posted 09/30/2020


Nominations for the following offices were made at the Sept 23, 2020 monthly meeting of CWA 9413.
Ballots for contested offices will be mailed shortly. PLEASE make sure the hall has your correct mailing address.
Secretary    Theresa Bracy and James Ryan
E-Board North    Mike Lester and Scott Sitnik
E-Board South    Natasha Anaya and Wess Darwish
The following offices were elected with no opposition.
President    Marc Ellis
Treasurer    Robert Flores
VP St Mary's    Wendy Friedl
VP North    Jose Ruiz
Vp South    Alberto Gonzalez


Posted 09/25/2020


Nominations for all offices were held at the 9-23-2020 membership meeting. All nominees, including those running unopposed, must send their acceptance email (including name, address, phone, email)  no later than 6pm Sept 30, 2020 to
Names of the nominees will be posted after I have received all acceptance letters. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call 775 530 1785.
Judi Jensen, Elections Chair

Posted 08/27/2020



CWA final nominations letter 2020