President's message

Greetings to all my Brothers and Sisters,
As your new President of CWA Local 9413, I accept this position with a humble heart and a positive view toward our Barriefuture.  My pledge is to provide fair representation for all those represented by our Union.  As we go forward, our strength lies in unity, representation, organization and action at the local level.  I urge all of you to attend our meetings on a regular basis. Become involved with your union. We have committees which need your help.  No one person makes an organization succeed; it is through hard work, dedication, involvement and vision of all members.  
My vision is to make our local an effective tool, a tool accessible to all members for the greater good.  Our Union Hall is open to all members to answer your questions you may face concerning your employment and, in some cases, your personal life events.  If you are not a member, there is no better time to join: simply fill out a card, return it to the Hall, or to one of your Union representatives at your workplace, and we will do the rest. Remember, membership has its privileges.
I welcome our new Stewards and our other newly-elected Officers of the Local and know they will do their very best to represent you fairly. We will be providing new Stewards’ training and if you are interested in Stewardship, please contact our Hall or your Union representatives.  I will continue the fight to improve your work-place conditions, your pay and job security.  For those of you who personally know me, I did not end up here by accident. Against all odds, I fought and won a good fight for better working conditions at my place of employment.
Looking back over my life and career, I have been a Union member for most of my adult life and bring to this office the knowledge, skill and ability to be an effective leader.  I learned in the U.S. Marines to never surrender.  As a federal law enforcement officer with more than 20 years of federal service, I learned how to argue a winning case.  As a vice president for the American Federal Government Employee Union in Los Angeles, California, I focused my secondary education in Labor Law.  Having said that, I believe we need to focus on three main points:  better pay, better tools/training, and attention to our health and welfare needs.   
Our Union is facing very exciting times and our local community is seeing an economic rebound in the right direction as major companies and families move into our area.  We welcome them and know this means new job opportunities for all.  As our tenured members move toward retirement, I want to reassure them they are not forgotten.  To that end, I hope you will join me in making CWA Local 9413 the very best place to be a valued Union worker!
In solidarity,
Barrie Blueian

President, CWA Local 9413